Rod’s First Cross Country

Saturday morning was the perfect day to visit the newly opened restaurant at Lake Havasu (KHII) for Rod Hernandez’s first Dual Cross Country. Rod and I picked up “Flight Following” on the ground at North Las Vegas (KVGT) with a heading assignment of 340, squawk 4743 and contact Nellis on 135.1. We were then vectored over Lake Mead and Boulder Dam. We landed at Boulder City to give us the required two stops and on to Lake Havasu (KHII). We had a clear shot down the Colorado River to Lake Havasu City. I kept Rod busy following the flight plan while I relaxed and enjoyed the flight. All headings and fix times were spot on, as the Auto Pilot followed our flight plan perfectly.
The “Holden Hero’s (also known as the “Dirty Dozen”) is a group of aviators that fly out every Saturday, weather permitting, to one of about 25 local airports that have a restaurant on the field or furnish transportation to one. I donate my time on these Saturday fly-out’s so if interested please contact or 702-656-3845.
Here are some of the pictures we took along the way.