N644SB Evektor Avionics

N644SB is Fully equipped:

  • Garmin area 796 GPS

    • Terrain Warning
    • Synthetic Aperture
  • Garmin Transponder with Mode S (dual squitter)
  • ADS-B (In/Out) inflight weather and traffic
  • Garmin GTX 200 Tranciever
    • Select any frequency on the GPS it is transferred to the standby position in the radio, automatically
    • Automatically relates the frequency and labels so you know who you are talking to
    • Remembers last 20 frequencies used
  • TruTrak 2 axis Autopilot will fly any flight plan (both Track & Altitude) set up in the Garmin GPS
  •  Digital ADI is coupled to the TruTrak AutoPilot
  • Computer controlled digital fuel management system
  • Digital engine instrument package

Garmin Area 796 GPS

This portable and can be taken your hotel room to plan your next day flight. The 796 sports all the flight planning tools you would expect.  You can also use any on-line flight planning web sites to do your flight planning and export it to a SD card that can be inserted into the 796 GPS. When the flight plan is activated on the Garmin 796, the TruTrak 2 axis autopilot will fly the flight plan. Full terrain warning and synthetic aperture included.

Garmin GTX 330 3D Transponder

Mode S Transponder with the ES (extended squitter) modification installed.

Mode “S” Transponder has send/receive capabilities and sends the same primary radar information ATC sees up to the aircraft to be displayed on the GARMIN 796 GPS. Known as T.I.S., this TRAFFIC INFORMATION is received from the ATC system and therefore requires the aircraft to be within a radar environment.

The traffic will be displayed on the moving map using standard traffic symbols, white targets (less of a threat) and yellow targets shown as objects of immediate concern with their respective altitudes and trend info (ascent or descent). An added safety bonus is having these targets shown with “VECTOR LINES”. These lines will extend from the traffic symbols showing the direction of travel, thereby eliminating the need for the pilot to “study” the screen in order to disseminate which aircraft is coming in his direction, etc.

The GTX 330 3D will also have voice capability enabling the pilot to “hear” the warnings regarding traffic of concern through their headset or over the cabin speaker.

Adding to the list of useful features, GARMIN has included an ALTITUDE ALERTER whereby the pilot merely sets the preferred altitude and the transponder will advise via voice and visual warnings if the aircraft ascends or descends through the programmed altitude buffer. The altitude buffer (100ft., 200ft. etc.) can be set for the pilots comfort level of choice.

In addition, the transponder will display “indicated altitude” (the altitude the encoder is reporting), count-up, count-down timers and flight time.


TruTrak Vizion Auto Pilot (Operations Manual)

Built-in Ground Track DG
Track Select Mode
GPS Nav Mode
GPS Steering Mode
Altitude Hold
VS Select Mode
Altitude Pre-select
Altitude Select
Vertical GPS Steering Mode
Control Wheel Steering
Pitch Trim Annunciation
Automatic Pitch Trim
Emergency AP Level Mode
Interfaces with Garmin 796 GPS