Hesperia Fly-Out

Always Look Up

Ernie getting ready to FLY. It’s a spiritual thing!

Each Saturday a great bunch of aviators do a fly-out for breakfast/lunch. Last Saturday (2/27/16) we went to Hesperia California (L26) and attended the “Mile High Club” restaurant located on the field. Great fun was had by all! Some of these are terribly out of focus but they are the only ones that I have. I need names to put with the faces please.



Red Rock


North Las Vegas

Beautiful Mountain

My friend said “when these mountains start to look beautiful you have been here too long”. It is time to leave!


Santa in my Airplane

I just had to throw my niece’s artwork in ;>)


Airplane 8

This is my little airplane (SLSA)


Anne & Ernie

Anne & Ernie

CIMG7402 CIMG7405 CIMG7406 CIMG7407  Hesperia 3 Hesperia 2 Airplane 5 Airplane 4 Airplane 3 Airplane 2 Airplane 1 Hesperia Ramp Airplane 7 Airplane 6